About Flashfx

Flashfx have been providing professional licensed firework displays for over 35 years.

We have many regular clients who are always amazed at what can be achieved with even some of the smaller budget shows; this includes school graduation balls, charitable events, weddings and private celebrations.

Wildlife Considered Displays are unique to Flashfx, specially created for clients who require lower noise fireworks, however these shows are equally impressive with specially designed products and effects, which ensures the overall display amazes the audience without lots of bangs or excessive noise.

Flashfx have a wide array of public and private locations where we continue to please the audience, always at very competitive rates and without compromising quality or performance. We are flexible enough to accommodate almost every budget and continue to work closely with some of the best firework manufacturers around the World to ensure our customers always get quality at an affordable price.

Community Sparks brings together a range of events which have either been directly or indirectly organised by the founder of Flashfx, Des Fulcher. Most of the Community Sparks events have been created to raise funds for charitable organisations or local community groups, all with a firework finale which have helped raise thousands of pounds for good causes.

Flashfx insist that all firers undergo rigorous training and development before being allowed to handle licensed fireworks. The safety of every individual including clients and spectators is taken very seriously at every event we provide, no matter what size and value the display may be.

Flashfx work closely together with leading industry manufacturers and distributors of display fireworks to ensure the performance and quality of products used in all our shows are among the best available.

Norwich Fireworks was created to provide a solution for people who wanted to have a self-fired firework display using good quality retail products. With a very detailed understanding of both Cat 3 and Cat 4 fireworks, added to the display planning and layout knowledge gained over many years, we can help customers to achieve a better self-fired display.